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Why you need keyword tools? Let me explain to you, Youtube Keyword tool helps you to get the trending keywords from trending videos. We all know that to create a youtube video taking too much time as writing the script, making, editing the video. But what? why your video is not growing ??
It is still at 0 views and 0 subscribers, Why it's not growing?

It's because choosing the wrong keywords or phrases for your youtube videos, which is not helping in growing your videos on Youtube. So, these tools help you to grow views and subscribers.

How can i use this tool ?

Let me explain.
First, you have to search your topic on youtube to get the URL of the First trending video of that topic.
Now I think you got it, Now come here and paste the URL of the Youtube Video inside the Above input Field and then click on the Go button.

WoW! You Got The Keyword of Trending Videos, That's NICE ;)